Our company strives to think of ways where our product and our consumer’s daily lives could work hand in hand through a stress-free experience. We continuously challenge ourselves and find new ways to break our limit because we believe that our passion could create a positive change in our clients. We also believe that our journey has just begun.

UCARE is intended to help users predict and prevent disease through urine analysis, thus enabling users to maintain a higher quality of life.

UCARE is a completely new type of urine analyzer that takes into consideration not only the appearance of the product but also the sensibility of the user by sublimating high integration technology.

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UCARE’s intuitive design makes it easy to use and emits a feeling of luxury even in its simplicity. We at Protec L&H constantly pursue new objectives, and as a company created by biomedical specialists, our products are made for those who live passionate lives. UCARE’s safety specifications consistently monitor the image color photo sensor going out of measurement range, LED illuminance, malfunction and stoppage of the monitor, and battery conditions. Upon detection of a problem, it maintains a stable and usable state while sending the information to customer care. This can normalize your UCARE in a short period of time. This is one of the simple function out of UCARE’s many innovative functions which helps us to earn our customer’s trust.


UCARE is a portable urine analyzer (urinalysis system). Unlike most medical equipment, UCARE was intricately designed to be modern and colorful. Our goal is to improve your quality of life through the process of urine analysis. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

UCARE is both practical and beautiful.

The vivid colors and design makes it fit right into your daily life. The round corners and smooth surface brings ergonomic and modern design to a whole new level. The soft light can also help with the ambience wherever it is placed.

All functions are controlled with a single power button, and we have perfected the design to make disposing of the urine test stick hygienic and safe.

UCARE comes in four beautiful colors.

A modern dark gray, a luxurious black, a calming sky blue, and a vibrant orange, each having its distinct mood to suit everyone’s needs.

The amazing design and technology of UCARE will lead globally in the healthcare industry.